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Panoramic view of the hotel entrance

About Seralago Hotel & Suites

The Seralago Hotel & Suites Main Gate East has a wonderful history that not many people know. 

Our family friendly Kissimmee hotel was built as a Holiday Inn and opened in March, 1973 with 228 rooms (Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4). One of the original owners was Henri Landwirth, Founder of Give Kids The World, a village in Kissimmee with over 138 villas where terminally ill children from all over the world enjoy a free 7-day vacation with their families. Henri often granted complimentary stays to families in need. When a terminally ill child was not able to have her wish to visit Mickey Mouse because the arrangements took too long, Henri converted a storage room at this hotel into an office and staffed it with one secretary and a telephone. With one hundred square feet of office space, Henri's dream for Give Kids The World began.

Another original owner was John Glenn, the first astronaut to circle the Earth in a Mercury Rocket. John Glenn also served for 24 years in the US Senate and is the oldest person ever to go into space at the age of 77. We are proud that such inspirational and iconic figures are part of our incredible history.

Phase II of the Seralago opened in 1975 with 96 additional rooms (Buildings 5 and 6). Phase III opened in 1979 with 192 more rooms (Buildings 7 and 8) and the last Phase opened 10 years later in 1989 with 157 rooms added to our hotel(Buildings 9 and 10).

The Hotel has undergone a lot of changes throughout its years. A more notable change came in 1995 when 110 rooms in the 7 and 8 Buildings were converted into 55 two-room suites, and 56 standard rooms were converted into 56 Kid's Suites in the 1, 2, 3, and 4 Buildings. This conversion dropped the room count of the hotel from 669 rooms to 614 rooms.

The Kid's Suite concept was pioneered by us, and no other Orlando, Florida hotel does it better. Each Kid's Suite features a main room for adults and a private kids-themed area for kids. The kid's area has bunk beds, a junior bed and a television. The kids love it! It offers kids and parents both togetherness and privacy.

After 32 years of operating as a Holiday Inn, the new owners decided on January 1, 2005 to operate as an independent hotel. After much thought and discussion and with several names being considered, it was only after a storm blew the Seralago Boulevard street sign into the hotel parking lot, that we knew Seralago had to be the new name for the hotel! The Seralago Hotel & Suites was born!

Through the loyalty of our guests and support of our partners the Seralago Hotel & Suites is honored to be celebrating our five year anniversary. We look forward to many more years to come.

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